WPBS Philadelphia


Alan Campbell, All Night Concert weekends, (c1967)
6pm to Midnight daily,(c1968)
*Philadelphia Bulletin photo, c1966

In early 1960, a new FM broadcast license was granted to The Bulletin Company, publisher of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin newspaper. Previously, the Bulletin had owned WPEN AM/FM and WCAU AM/FM/TV. In December, 1961, WPBS went on the air from studios and transmitter located at 440 Domino Lane. The format was a syndicated music service provided by "Good Music." In early 1964, the station began stereo and 24 hour operation. WPBS cross-promoted the newspaper and was known as "The radio voice of the Philadelphia Bulletin." Some of the personalities on the station at this time included Jack Pyle, (who hosted "Miller to Midnight" on Saturdays) John Trent, Hal Moore, Dave Wolford, Steve Craig, Bern Penrose, Jane Cohen, Blake Ritter, and Joe Newman. Later in the 1960's the line up included other Philadelphia veteran broadcasters like Pat Landon, John McCall, Jack O'Reilly, Ken Orr and *Alan Campbell. Music format at this time was a hibred of beautiful instrumentals and middle of the road orchestras with few vocals and friendly but modest comments from live announcers. 

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