WRCV 1060 Philadelphia PA

1956 photo from WRCV Master Control looking into main studio. Announcers ran records but engineers controlled levels. Station was located in building at 1619 Walnut Street which also housed studios of WRCV-TV channel three. (Formerly KYW radio and WPTZ TV channel three owned in combo by PHILCO and WESTINGHOUSE). At the time of these photos, taken by RACampbell, the stations were affiliated and owned by NBC network. Call signed was derived from corporate RCA homage to RCA Victor records home in nearby Camden NJ.
In 1956, NBC sought to get an owned-and-operated television station in the Philadelphia market, so it forced a station ownership/call sign swap with Westinghouse Broadcasting. NBC acquired Westinghouse's KYW radio and WPTZ television in Philadelphia (which became WRCV-AM-TV, for the "RCA-Victor" record label) while Westinghouse received NBC's WTAM-AM-FM and WNBK television in Cleveland (all of which took the KYW call signs).
Unhappy with the arrangement, Westinghouse took NBC to court, saying that NBC threatened to pull their TV affiliation off of both their Philadelphia and Boston stations, and withhold an affiliation from their Pittsburgh property if Westinghouse did not agree to the trade. The FCC and the Supreme Court declared the trade null and void in June 1965; the KYW call letters were moved back to Philadelphia with Westinghouse while NBC rechristened the Cleveland stations as WKYC-AM-FM-TV, a derivative of KYW. NBC kept ownership of the Cleveland radio stations until 1972 before selling them off to Ohio Communications; the AM station reverted to its original WTAM call sign in July 1996.

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