August 1, 1937 The Goodwill Hour John J Anthony

In 1937, Mutual radio debuted "The Goodwill Hour", with its familiar phrase, "You have a friend and advisor in John J. Anthony." A Bob & Ray spoof kept the 'tales of woe' concept alive for a later generation in the 50's & 60's. Lester Kroll, using the names of his two sons, John (who was called "Jack") and Anthony, he came with John J. Anthony. Ask Mr. Anthony was a program dedicated to helping the sufferers from an antiquated and outmoded domestic relations code. WMRJ moved its location in 1930 and again in 1931 before it went off the air in 1932, a victim of a challenge of another station on the same frequency 100 miles away. When WMRJ went off the air, its radiated power peaked to 100 watts full power. The Goodwill Hour (taking its name from the "kind" gesture Mr. Anthony was doing to give them free counseling sessions) began broadcasting on WMCA in New York in 1937 and was eventually heard on the Mutual network (via New York's WOR). The name of the program was changed to the John J. Anthony Program in 1945. The sponsor was Carter's Products, manufacturers of Carter's Little Liver Pills and Arrid antiperspirant-deodorant. MOREfrom Know OTR

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