History of WGY Schenectady NY - 810AM

August 4, 1927.
In Schenectady, NY, the General Electric Radio station 2XAG, later named WGY, began experimental operations with a 100,000-watt transmitter. Later, AM radio stations were not permitted to exceed 50,000 watts.
On August 3, 1922, Radio station 2XAG, later named WGY in Schenectady, NY presented the first full-length melodrama on radio. It was "The Wolf", written by Eugene Walter.
Today, WGY (AM 810 103.1 FM News-Talk WGY) is owned by Clear Channel Communications, broadcasting a news and conservative talk radio format. It broadcasts 50,000 Watts non-directional from a single tower in the Town of Rotterdam. It is one of the United States's oldest radio stations as well as the oldest in New York's Capital Region. WGY was the flagship station of General Electric's broadcast group from 1922 until 1983. It is the heritage clear-channel occupant of the 810 kHz frequency and has a signal which covers much of the Northeast by day and much of the eastern United States by night.

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