today in broadcasting August 24th

In 1911, announcer/host Durward Kirby was born in Covington Kentucky. After war service starting in 1946 he co-hosted Club Matinee with Garry Moore on NBC Blue, then moved to TV in '49 and worked on Garry Moore & Perry Como's TV Shows throughout the '50's. In the '60's he co-hosted Candid Camera with Allen Funt. He died of congestive heart failure Mar 15, 2000 at age 88.


In 1917, TV announcer/host Dennis James was born in Jersey City New Jersey. He is credited as the host of TV's first game show, the DuMont Network's Cash and Carry in 1946. James was the first person to ever host a telethon and even the first to do a TV commercial. He is best remembered as emcee of Chance of a Lifetime, High Finance, The Name’s the Same, and the nightime version of The New Price is Right. He died of lung cancer June 3, 1997 at age 79.

The Daytime Price Is Right with Dennis James por Wrestlegameshow

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