September 6, 1925 Birth of Radio Newsman Morgan Beatty

1925. NBC radio newsman Morgan Beatty was born in Little Rock Arkansas. For many years in the 1940's & 50's in particular, he was a senior news broadcaster for NBC Radio based in New York. "This is Morgan Beatty speaking for Alka Seltzer bringing you news of the world! and the news tonight is..." Morgan Beatty was a newsman on WRC and NBC, covering major events including the elections. When TV arrived he became news anchor for the short-lived Dumont Network. A great radio presence with natural gravitas in his voice, he died July 4 1975 at age 72. When the NBC weekend news service Monitor began on June 12th, 1955 at 4pm, the first hour of the program was simulcast on NBC-TV. That initial June 12 broadcast lasted eight hours, from 4pm through 12 midnight. Following the Monitor beacon, Morgan Beatty was the first voice ever heard on 'Monitor'. After an introduction by Pat Weaver, news headlines by Dave Garroway and a routine by Bob and Ray.

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