On this day in 1922 the BBC conducted its first radio broadcasts from Birmingham (5IT) and Manchester (2ZY). Manchester and London broadcast the first general election results. Manchester aired the first children's program, called "Kiddies Corner".

old BBC radio equipment and memories

On this day in 1926, network radio was born in the US. 24 stations carried the first broadcast from (bong-bing-bong) NBC, the National Broadcasting Company. The program was a gala 4½-hour broadcast from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Two remote pickups were also on the program. Opera star Mary Garden sang from Chicago and Will Rogers presented a humorous monologue from Independence, Kansas. Charles Lindbergh was among the luminaries who attended the broadcast.
Early Radio History
On that same day in 1926, AT&T sold New York's WEAF radio to RCA. It was the originating station for most of the early NBC schedule.

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