November 18

See It Now is an American newsmagazine and documentary series broadcast by CBS from 1951 to 1958. It was created by Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly, Murrow being the host of the show. From 1952 to 1957, See It Now won four Emmy Awards and was nominated three times. It also won a 1952 Peabody Award.

On this, a Sunday afternoon in 1951, Edward R. Murrow and Fred Friendly 
launched one of the most highly-praised TV productions in history. See It Now debuted on CBS. On that first program, which evolved out of Murrow's radio series Hear It Now, we saw a live camera shot of the Atlantic Ocean, followed by a live shot of the Pacific, then Murrow said, "We are impressed by a medium through which a man sitting in his living room has been able to look at two oceans at once."  In April of 1952, See It Now moved into an evening time slot. ----Puget Sound Radio

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