KOA Denver

On December 13 in 1924, radio station KOA in Denver began transmissions. It was clearly heard on the West Coast (especially after dark) at 850 on the dial. KOA (850 AM, "NewsRadio 850 KOA") is a clear channel, news/talk radio station serving the Denver-Boulder and Colorado Springs, Colorado markets. It is owned by Clear Channel Communications and is nicknamed "the Blowtorch of the West" for its 50,000 watt signal. KOA was originally owned by General Electric and began broadcasting in 1924. They started with 5,000 watts, and in 1927, increased to 12,500 watts. In the early 1930s, power was raised to the current level of 50,000 watts. Today, the antenna is located about 30 miles (50 km) southeast of the city of Denver. It is a 5/8 wave, 660 foot (198 m) guyed tower. At night the signal can be heard in over 30 states of the U.S. and over most of Canada and Mexico. KOA sometimes can be picked up in California, which is west of the Rocky Mountains, an obstacle that prevents most east coast radio stations from traveling west of the Rockies. KOA is frequently heard in northern Europe, Australia and Japan, and is one of the most frequently reported stations world wide.

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