Happy Birthday to Bob Elliott

Bob Elliott (Bob of Bob & Ray) will celebrate his 89th birthday Monday, March 26th. Ray Goulding would have been 90 on March 20. You can send birthday greetings to bob@bobandray.com. I will forward them to Bob and to Liz Goulding, Ray's widow.
I am proud to have been Bob & Ray's producer for 31 years and counting. Write if you get it working.
-Larry Josephson

Elliott was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Gail M. and Fred Russell Elliott. On radio, Elliott did countless programs with his long-time partner Ray Goulding. These were in different series and time slots over decades. On television, Elliott and Goulding hosted The Bob and Ray show from 1951 to 1953. Elliott appeared on a number of other television programs, including Happy Days; Newhart; and Bob & Ray, Jane, Laraine & Gilda in 1979 (with Goulding, Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner). He also appeared on radio with Garrison Keillor in The American Radio Company of the Air. More from Wikipedia

This web page editor used to hear them in Philadelphia over WOR in New York City. It was an after school treat to hear their team... often with newsman George Putnam the butt of their teasing. A few years later I would visit WRCV NBC in Philadelphia on Saturdays. The crew on duty at the station would stop what they were doing to listen to the Bob and Ray features on NBC's weekend radio service Monitor. Their satires of radio people were classics. On my various radio shows over the last half century I would recall many of their familiar liners such as "I'll have the latest time for you in about five minutes". People thought I was nuts but there was always some listener who would recall the same chuckle from "Bob and Ray"... legends in their time periods. We miss them. Happy Birthday Bob.

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