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April 25 2012

ANZAC Day 2012
[Veterans Day]
Lest We Forget

On April 25, Australia and New Zealand jointly commemorate ANZAC Day,
a day of remembrance for those who fell or served in war, and a
series of features at the Radio Heritage Foundation website reflects fascinating aspects of military

'Fighting Voices from Downunder'
is an important review of Australian and New Zealand military radio
covering the conflicts from World War 2 through to Vietnam.

'ANZAC Day Salute' features some
of the broadcasters and stations familiar to Australian and New
Zealand forces.

'Australian WWII Pacific Radio'
takes a detailed look at the network of radio stations across the
western Pacific, Papua and New Guinea, Netherlands East Indies and
the Straits Settlements that broadcast entertainment and information
for Australian forces.

'This is Station WLKT Miho' is a
rare recollection of broadcasting in occupied Japan from one of the
mobile radio trucks that was shipped from Australia in late 1945.

The US Armed Forces Radio stations played a major role in introducing
radio broadcasting to much of the Pacific and a large collection of
features about AFRS stations can be found at as

AFRS broadcasts were also heard from 1ZM Auckland [NZ] and 4QR
Brisbane [Australia] during World War 2 and both Australian [WLKS
Kure] and New Zealand [AKAA Yamaguchi] were amongst the ANZAC
military stations broadcasting in occupied Japan in close
co-operation with AFRS.

On this day of reflection, the Radio Heritage Foundation thanks all
those who have contributed their personal stories, photos and audio
collections from times of conflict so that they can be remembered at

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