DJ Pranks lead to nurse's suicide in London

Meaningless mean spirited media shock jocks, prank DJs and paparazzi station and media owners should be shunned and punished. Jacintha Saldanha was a selfliss human of worth and charity and those Australin DJs and station owner defending their actions should share shame and blame for the rest of their lives. Jacintha Saldanha was a compasionate woman in service to others who loved her work, her family and her country and Queen. To be humiliated the world over is shameful and one can only imagine the suffering she endured during the last few days of her life. Those involved in this shameful prank and others like it are bullies and they should be held acountable for their mean spirited and hateful actions. Their only motive was money. Shame on them and anyone supporting them. Shut the station down. How can anyone support the station owners defending his DJ pranksters?

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