WDVR-FM, 101.1, began broadcasting on 13 May 1963 with 24 hours of orchestral music in new multiplex FM Stereo, first in Philadelphia. Newscasts were heard briefly every three hours recorded first by the board operators then played back on the air. Besides news, IDs, promos and a few PSA's there was little talk as the station advertised and delivered over 55 minutes of music each hour. Heavy on promotion, The original dial cards, posters, card holders, stationery, coverage maps and station forms were designed, created, typeset, printed by 'Ambler Business Forms'. Initial advertisers were John B. White Ford and Philco which was the employer of station owner and engineer, David Kurtz. Underwriting style commercials were used for overnight "Night Sounds in Stereo". Within a few months it became the highest rated FM station in the city. Later the first FM station in the nation to bill over 1 million dollars. Voices in the beginning were announcer/operators Lee Kramer, Frank Edwards, Joaquin Bowman, Dave Shayer, Richard Franklin and Terry Wickham. The voice of Alan Campbell, of Upper Darby, Pa., was recorded and heard in afternoons and evenings. He was with WBAL-AM, Baltimore, MD in the early 1960's working with the beautiful music format created by Art Wander. Campbell worked with WHFS-FM (Bethesda, MD) Manager, Marlin Taylor, before Taylor went to Philadelphia to plan the programming and staff for the new WDVR-FM. Sales and promotions were successfully implemented by Jerry Lee who came to Philly from Baltimore. As General Manager he became partner and eventually sole owner. Today, still, the only major market individually owned station. 
phillyradioarchives.com WDVR history aka WBEB

Hear a May, 1963 Station liner, one of a series of audio IDs and promos

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