AUDIO of WQMR-WGAY: Four Dark Days In November

A recorded compilation of news scripts and audio actualities prepared for a nonprofit LP record of audio surrounding the coverage of the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The album was a re-creation taken from actual recordings broadcast that four day period, beginning November 22, 1963, and broadcast over WQMR and WGAY-FM radio in Washington DC. Many of the narratives were re-recorded and the music heard at the beginning of track one was taken from a needle drop transcription and not actually broadcast. The album was produced by WQMR WGAY-FM Manager, Ed Winton, who narrated the record. Proceeds for consumer acquisition of the record were given to the family of slain Dallas police officer J. D. Tippett. audio files  | Search for four dark days in november | Search for assassination of kennedy

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