FRIDAY November 22, 1963 The day JFK died...

 I was showing a football film to a gathering after lunch at the officer's club at Bolling AFB, Anacostia, DC. (U.S. Air Force Headquarters Command). Someone told me to stop the projector and to ask the highest ranking officer to come to the lobby. A Lt Colonel had a brief conversation and returned to tell us that the base was on the highest alert and everone was to return to their duty stations. I went to my car, turned on the radio (WRC-AM) and heard, as a recall, NBC news reporter Herb Kaplow, saying The President was shot, in Dallas, and taken to Parkland Hospital.

I returned to my duty station at the radio recording studios of the USAF Band. We listened to radio reports of the death of President Kennedy at 1400hours, 2PM Eastern Time. The President's body was leaving Parkland Hospital for Love Field and the return on Air Force One. (I later learned from my Dad that his flight was delayed from Dallas to San Francisco as these events unflolded). At 1600 hours the base alert was reduced and all personnel were allowed to leave. I left for my evening job (moonlighting) as announcer on the evening shift at WQMR and WGAY-FM the beautiful music stations. I was driving passed the new Dulles office building listening to Bryson Rash on WRC...he was introducing a Mass from St Peters Cathedral in New York City. Hearing choral music instead of the regular broadcast of The Joy Boys with Willard Scott and Ed Walker was quite and emotional moment for many listeners heading home. When I arrived at the Kemp Mill Road studios and transmitter in Wheaton Md. the station had switched to a continuing news format and I was to answer the phones. There were radio stations calling from The UK to Australia and all over America seeking news and actuality reports for their programming. For most of the evening and weeked I remained at the station reading news reports for them. Later in the evening on arrival at Andrews AFB the new President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, address the nation, and the world, from the tarmac:

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