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If you didn’t already know, Apple have launched their own personalized music service called iTunes Radio to compete with other streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music, etc. This caused a lot of confusion because iTunes Radio used to be the place to tune into radio station that stream over the Internet. The good news is you can still listen to these internet stations in iTunes 11. Apple just “hid” it by default in order to have the focus on their new iTunes Radio. Here’s how to re-enable it!
Apple have now renamed the old Radio option to just Internet in the new iTunes 11.
On PC:
Simply go on the main iTunes screen, click on top left icon and then choose the Preferences option. Click on the General preference tab if not already displayed. Look for the Internet Radio. If it’s not enabled, simply click the check box next to it. Click the OK button on the bottom. You should now see a new option appear called Internet. Clicking on this option will display the familiar radio directory which lists the various genres you can explore.
1. Click on the menu button on the top left.
2. Click on Preferences.
3. Look for Internet Radio.
4. Check the box next to Internet Radio and click OK.
5. Internet should now be available!
On Mac:
1. Click in the iTunes menu and chose the Preference option.
2. Click on the General preference tab if not selected.
3. If the check box next to Internet Radio isn’t enable then click it to turn this feature on.
Click the OK button.
4. Now look at the options again near the top of the screen. There should now be a new one called Internet. To view the radio directory, simply click on this option.

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