Fred Facey, 1930 - 2003

Ferdinand A. (Fred) Facey (October 19, 1930 – April 13, 2003) was an American radio and television announcer. Facey joined the announcing staff of NBC in New York City in 1967, and remained with the network for the rest of his life. In time, he would join the likes of Don Pardo and Howard Reig in holding lifetime contracts with the network. He was perhaps most notable as likely the highest-placed African-American in his profession during his active career. Prior to joining NBC, he had been a freelance announcer in Washington, D.C., the Long Island area and New York City. WIKIPEDIA In his early years with NBC, Facey mainly did radio work, mostly with its New York flagship station WNBC (AM), and was heard occasionally on live remotes that were heard on the network's annual New Year's Eve radio broadcasts

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