Announcer Frank Barton

Frank Barton was born on September 30, 1917 in Illinois, USA. He was an announcer and actor, known for The New Truth or Consequences (1950), Bob Hope Presents,  and the Chrysler Theatre (1963). Barton was announcer on radio's most popular afternoon radio 'soap opera' One Man's Family, and Four Star Playhouse a radio dramatic anthology series. The 30-minute program was broadcast on NBC beginning in July 1949 and was sustaining. Barton was the first announcer to ever deliver the opening statement of radio's DRAGNET... "The story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed, to protect the innocent." more  He died on May 31, 2005 in Beverly Hills, California, USA. He was part of a core group of West Coast announcers for the network that, in his early years, included Don Stanley, Arch Presby, Eddy King, and Donald Rickles; by the 1970s the main core announcing lineup had become Rickles, Stanley, Victor Bozeman, and Peggy Taylor.

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