Dan Seymour was born in 1914...died 1982

After graduating from Amherst College in 1935, Seymour began his career as a radio announcer. A year later, he joined the Columbia Broadcasting System in New York ...with his mellow voice, went on to other announcer roles on various shows. His contribution to The War of the Worlds was as the regular announcer of The Mercury Theater on the Air (usually the fist voice to be heard at the beginning of every program). He was also the announcer for the human interest radio and television program “We the People” and served as announcer and master of ceremonies of such radio staples as “Duffy’s Tavern”, The Aldrich Family”, “The Benny Goodman Show” and the “Camel Caravan Swing School”.
  President of J Walter Thompson Advertising
Seymour moved from Young & Rubicam to become the head of JWT's Radio-Television Department in 1955. He served as President (1964-), Chief Executive Officer (1967-) and Chairman (1972-1974). Seymour died of a heart attack in New York.  At the time of his death, Seymour was serving as a director of several companies, including American Express.NYTimes Obit

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