Dick Joy (December 28, 1915 – October 31, 1991) was an American radio and television announcer.

Joy's involvement with radio at the local level began when, while a student at USC, he worked part-time for radio stations in Los Angeles, California. His first job after graduation was at KEHE, and he later joined the announcing staff of KNX. At age 21, Joy moved up from the local level to CBS, becoming that network's youngest staff announcer in history. By 1937, he was involved with Kathryn Cravens' News Through a Woman's Eye, Good Afternoon Neighbors, Thomas Conrad Sawyer Series Goodyear Sun-up News,  and The Newlyweds. In the following three years, he added to his achievements work on My Secret Ambition, Hollywood in Person, Road of Life, I Want a Divorce, College of Musical Knowledge, Burns and Allen, and The Beauty Explorer. Joy went on to be the announcer for numerous network radio programs including The Danny Kaye Show, Forever Ernest, The Sad Sack, Vox Pop, The Adventures of Sam Spade, Blue Ribbon Town, Dr. Kildare. Nelson Eddy Show, Those We Love, Silver Theatre,New Old Gold Show, Jackie Coogan Show, and The Saint. The 1946 edition of Radio Annual reported, "Dick Joy and Donald C. McBain have opened their new station, KCMJ, at Palm Springs."  Thus, Joy began his first venture into ownership of a station while continuing to work on network radio. He sold KCMJ in 1950.   WIKIPEDIA

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