Radio with pictures

You hear the tone at the top of the hour. The musical signature plays. The correspondent announces, "CBS News. I'm Frank Settipani." The voice, ubiquitous through clock, bathroom and car radios, has been unseen for decades. Not anymore. If you happen to be up early on any weekday morning streaming CBSN, the 24/7 cable TV-like news service freely available on the Internet... Live video from CBS Radio News on CBSN originates from New York or Washington D.C. While the New York studio looks claustrophobic, the Washington workspaces seem positively plush with room for a shaded lamp or potted plant. You can count at least five framed pictures in the vicinity of D.C.-based correspondent Sam Litzinger. Tell that to New York-based Jim Taylor who looks like he might run out of air at any moment.


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