The WQMR/WGAY format of beautiful music, dates back to 1960 with Ed Winton, but when Ed left for sunny Florida, Bob Chandler, who joined the station in 1965, maintained the sophisticated sound of the beautiful music format that Ed had started into the 1980's, and all the changes he made to the "format" of the station were always gradually introduced, and carefully crafted for the listeners!

Below is a video from YouTube with segments devoted to DC radio in the 1980's...

From WDVM, an Eyewitness News miniseries examining the Washington DC area radio industry. Most or all of the DC radio legends are seen in these reports, Harden and Weaver, Ed Walker, Willard Scott, Andy O, Donnie Simpson, Tom Gauger, Dennis Owens, Eddie Gallaher, Cathy Hughes, Bill Mayhugh, and many more. An interview with the man who helped create the Arbitron ratings system is also featured. This series is reported by another broadcast legend, Channel 9's Gordon Peterson.

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